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Hazelnut - Caramel Sweetness - Dark Chocolate Aftertaste

The Heritage blend is close to our hearts at the Co.Lab. Our collective Italian heritage (our head roaster is a Losurdo, and our directors wife was a Fazioli) inspired us to develop a smooth, rich and fudgey espresso blend. We selected the finest Brazilian coffee and blended it with a rich Timor Leste coffee from Maubisse.

This blend is reminiscent of past generations and long held tradition, whilst pointing to specialty coffee roasting and brewing techniques. This is dedicated to our Nonno and Nonnina and the rich heritage we are proud to have. Grazie Mille!


The Brazilian coffee we selected is a Relationship coffee imported by Marcelo Brussi of Minas Hill. 

Fazenda Bom Jesus is the work of the couple Gabriel and Flavia Lancha Oliveira. With a long heritage in coffee culture both are grandchildren of coffee producers. They themselves passed their love and care on to their sons, Lucas and Gabriel junior who are also dedicated full-time to the farm.

Gabriel and Flavia are more than just a farming couple. Their objective is to sustainably develop their region from a social and economical point of view. Fazenda Bom Jesus was a founder of the Alta Mogiana Specialty Coffee Association - AMSC. It promotes a greater conscience with regard to speciality coffee in the region as well as developing better farm practices. Performance bonus payments are also made alongside employees fixed wages. Flavia verifies that all employees on the farm must be literate and receive specialized training to do their job. As for the workforce, all their children must be enrolled at the local school. 

The Timor Leste coffee was imported by our good friend Tony Carter of Kis Coffee. He developed a relationship with grower Bobby Lay who runs a large plantation in the Maubisse region, located 70km south of Dili.

All coffee grown in Timor is organic certified, with farmers utilising sustainable farming practices to ensure soil biodiversity, enriched local flora and fauna and long term economic stability.










NOTE: Our recipes are developed using a La Marzocco Linea Classic and Mahlkonig Peak grinder, using reverse osmosis filtered water. We encourage you to use it as a starting point to experiment with your own equipment and desired taste.