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Sustainability as it relates to coffee-growing is complex—encompassing both environmental issues, like soil health, as well as social and financial issues, like education and implementing new technology. To reflect this complexity, we’re moving from thinking about sustainability solely in simple terms of certifications like organic or biodynamic, to considering sustainability as movement along a continuum. We’re working on a more holistic way to measure and communicate this information from crop to cup.

Where possible we source organically grown coffee, as well as finding out information related to where the coffee is grown and how native flora and fauna are considered. This is an area of the coffee industry that needs a lot more transparency and resource to really consider the long term affects of coffee plantations and other cash crops on native land.



We are proud to be the first Western Australian coffee roastery to be using 100% compostable packaging. We believe that where possible single use packaging is causing excessive and unnecessary landfill which leads to further environmental issues like carbon and methane emissions. We have partnered with Kooda, another West Oz startup, who work tirelessly to educate people about the importance of composting through their work. At the moment Kooda turns over 2 tonnes of organic waste into rich compost. We encourage you to find out how you can compost your coffee bag and other organic matter at home!

Our commitment to environmental preservation has also led us to use reusable tubs with our wholesale customers to reduce the overwhelming amounts of non-recyclable coffee bags filling up landfill each week.