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RWANDAN Dukunde Kawa
RWANDAN Dukunde Kawa

RWANDAN Dukunde Kawa

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Red Apple & Currant - Honey Sweetness - Roast Hazelnut Finish

This filter coffee comes from the Rushashi District, of Northern Rwanda.

‘Dukunde Kawa’ means ‘love coffee’ in Kinyarwanda (Rwanda’s official language), in reference to the power of coffee to improve the lives of those in rural communities.

The cooperative works extremely hard to improve the lives of its members and their families, and to produce the best quality coffee possible. According to the co-op’s president, Anastase Minani, Dukunde Kawa’s goal is to be the very best cooperative in Rwanda. We think they’re well on their way to achieving this goal!



We sourced this through our friends at Melbourne Coffee Merchants, who have spent over 10 years building relationships in Rwanda, and learning the unique distinctives of the Rwandan coffee trade!

Dukunde Kawa has a very transparent relationship with its members. They pay a fixed rate at the start of the harvest for coffee delivered to the station, and then reward all farmers with a second payment later in the season, based on any additional profits they have been able to secure from lots that have sold for higher than expected prices.

In an effort to continuously help their members improve the quality of coffee produced, the cooperative have built classrooms at Ruli washing station, along with a model farm that is used to demonstrate best practices in coffee farming.

In addition to the great work that the cooperative does with quality improvement and assurance, it also operates various social programs that greatly contribute to the livelihoods of their members. Assistance with school fees and medical insurance are provided along with training in quality and productivity in cultivation of coffee. In addition they have set up a “Farmers Savings Account” which provides a line of credit for farmers needing access to funds (for things like health care, problems at home, farming materials etc). The farmers are divided into 31 groups, and each month the groups get together to approve credit to farmers who apply.










NOTE: Our recipes are developed using a Mahlkonig EK43 & V60 pourover with a variable temperature kettle. Use it as a starting point and make to taste!